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As a technology professional, I am often asked what qualities are required to be a successful leader in the male dominated technology field.


I’ve led global, cross-functional technical sales teams and also software development and implementation teams. These teams consisted entirely of men. So, the question is, what qualities did I exhibit to cause these men to follow my lead and believe in me as their technical team leader?


These are the qualities that I continue to exhibit and I feel are necessary for a woman to lead a team of male technical professionals:

  1. Educate yourself and be recognized as the SME, Subject Matter Expert. As the SME, make it a point to engage in architectural considerations with your team members. Collaborate with your team. Collaborate with others.
  2. Develop superior soft skills to complement the technical skills. Know how to communicate with and motivate your team, manage egos, and capitalize off each team member’s strengths.
  3. Be personable, flexible, and have an infectiously positive attitude. “We, as a team, can do anything.”
  4. Be a calculated risk taker, develop a number of well-conceived strategies for success (remember “Murphy’s Law”), and gain consensus among the stakeholders.
  5. Be a technical innovator, see what others doesn’t see. Forge new paths.
  6. Be your authentic self, be totally and absolutely confident in your abilities, and be resilient.
  7. Be passionate about your work and the contributions of your team. Enjoy it!
  8. Create a “Brag Book”.


My mentor advised me to create a “brag book”. He stated that I would need to document my career achievements because others may not believe what I’ve achieved. So, portions of my “brag book” are online at


College: City College of New York

Major: M.S. Computer Science

How important is mentorship to you? Extremely important

How often are you developing yourself through learning? Weekly

In your opinion, how often should others be evaluating career/business opportunities? All the time