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My personal experience of starting a business actually came while I was an afternoon-drive radio announcer for a local radio station in north Florida. This was a prime time segment that is reserved for only the best personalities.

As you can imagine, they don’t call it “Prime Time” for nothing. During this time, they charge their highest rates to businesses that purchase commercials.

Happy New Year

So there I was, at work, on January 1st. While preparing for my next talk break, I started doing something that most people do after making resolutions…my personal budget.

Being diligent, I measured my annual, monthly, and weekly take home pay against my new goals. PROBLEM…my money shortcomings looked exactly same as they did LAST YEAR…even though last year was just 15 hours in the past.

Being nosy, I walked downstairs into the sales pit and “borrowed” a rate sheet of the radio station’s fees for running commercials.

The going rate for a single, 60 second ad during my show was $200.

Multiply that $200 by 12 ads/hour. Still with me?

Now multiply that amount by the 5 hours that I sat in a desolate box every single day.

The result $12,000 of revenue for the radio station. $12,000 freaking dollars! How long would I have to work to earn that same amount?

5 months!


Looking for more!

In fairness to the company, I had voluntarily accepted that salary. As a DJ, I also had weekly opportunities to take on extra “gigs” to make extra cash. However, there would NEVER be a time when I earned $12,000 in 5 hours. Even if I could, I’m sure that they would have figured out some way to take that cash from me too.

At that point I started looking for ways to leverage my personal skill set and network. My skill set was the ability to promote. My network was effectively all of the 40,000 daily listeners who tuned into my show.

Hmm, what should I do?  I was convinced that my current skills and network were best leveraged with what basically amounted to being a night club promoter.

What happened?

We had some moderate success. My “business” eventually grew all over North Florida and South Georgia. During that time, I was able to build relationships with top promoters, DJ’s, entertainers, and club owners.  Although, I don’t have records, I’d guess that we made $200k to $300k, spare-time, over a 5-year period. Things were going great, until…

One day, the radio station informed me that my last day with the company was…that very same day. All of a sudden, I realized that I had not really taken the time to fully build my personal network. Sure, there were 40,000 daily listeners to the radio show, but I had no contact information for any of them. And social media in 2002? Not even possible.

Plus I’d spent all of the money. All I had was the opportunity to start over from scratch.

The journey

The road was tough. I started a number of businesses. But I still needed a job. Eventually, I got the idea for this site; the creation of an internet radio network that would allow people all over the world to get key information that they could immediately use.

Since then, HomBaBiz has hosted investors, entrepreneurs, graduates, and career-builders. Some were from big shows like ABC’s Shark Tank, The Profit, Fortune, and Crowdfunder, Many are from your college, your neighborhood, and your list of friends.

Today, people from all over the globe visit HomBaBiz daily. I hope that you will also become a part of our mission: “To inspire the world by featuring success stories who are ‘just like YOU’.”

Here’s to building 100% real relationships.

HomBaBiz…Connect. Go!